Our Commitment

Two workers looking at information on a tablet and discussing it

As a business unit of Baxter, a global healthcare company, BioPharma Solutions is committed to:

  • Being a preferred partner in improving the quality of and access to healthcare
  • Being recognized and trusted worldwide
  • Being an innovator in science and technology
  • Being a socially responsible member of our communities
  • Providing a rewarding place for our employees to work and develop


As a partner to over 60 pharmaceutical clients, we realize that successful alliances are critical in this extremely competitive environment. BioPharma Solutions has developed strong organizational capabilities to ensure our partnership provides the value you deserve and expect. We focus on the characteristics of successful partnerships and understand the critical nature of alliance management. We know that success is maximized when each partner contributes in the aspect they are uniquely capable of delivering and that results are key.


The BioPharma Solutions team is committed to a common customer service philosophy — to provide service with a passionate focus on results. To accomplish this, we are committed to providing empowered and knowledgeable client teams, fulfilling your expectations by meeting commitments, and ensuring that you have a positive customer experience.


We apply integrated and practical alliance principles of project management, customer service, and Lean manufacturing methodology. We understand that it is important for you to have a partnership that enhances your team’s ability to achieve their objectives. The BioPharma Solutions business identifies continuous improvement using Lean Six Sigma, a data-driven approach to managing and improving business processes. "Lean" focuses on items such as waste elimination, standardization, cycle-time reduction, and other means to increase speed and efficiency. "Six Sigma" emphasizes reducing variation that impedes optimal product and process performance.


BioPharma Solutions also staffs each project with a dedicated client team composed of cross-functional experts. The client team helps to create transparency and alignment, which can simplify the complex process of bringing your product to market.