Powder-Filled Vials

Halle/Westfalen facility in Germany, where powder-filled vials for cytotoxic parenterals are manufactured

For cytotoxic parenterals, Baxter offers filling of powder-filled vials at our highly experienced Halle/Westfalen, Germany facility. In addition to continuous monitoring of temperature, relative humidity, laminar air flow, differential pressure and non-viable airborne particles in the isolator, we feature:

Powder-filled vials for cytotoxic products


  • Clinical to commercial scale vial powder-filling
  • Starting from 1 kg of powder
  • Vial sizes from 6 to 100 mL validated
  • Fill weight: 30 mg/vial to 5 g/vial
  • 1 – 8 filling heads
Person working in processing area for powder-filled vials for cytotoxic products


  • Class 100 (ISO 5) isolator
  • Isolator sterilization by vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP)
  • CIP/SIP of powder hopper
  • 100% fill weight check or in-process fill weight check
  • Auger fillers designed for precise powder dosing
  • Online visual inspection
  • Vial printing
  • Packaging robot for bulk packaging of drug product vials
  • Meets US, EU, and JP regulatory standards