Prefilled Syringes

Manufacturing process for prefilled syringes

As one of the fastest-growing choices for unit dose medication, the advantages of prefilled syringes help to improve healthcare in many ways including convenience, safety, and cost. As a global contract manufacturing leader in prefilled syringe fill/finish, BioPharma Solutions offers clinical through high-volume commercial sterile manufacturing. Redundant like-in-kind filling lines can help increase production potential, mitigate supply risk and ensure on-time delivery.

By providing high-speed, high-volume syringe filling, which mirrors packaging capacity with automated inspection, labeling, and final packaging, BioPharma Solutions has the resources and experience to get you to market. In addition, we can assist with specific component selections.

Prefilled syringes


  • Potential to minimize microbial contamination
  • Potential to reduce medication dosing error
  • Enhanced convenience and ease of use can help save patients time and enhance quality of life
  • Reduced therapy and injection costs
  • 2% overfill vs. 23% typical of single-dose vials resulting in API cost savings
  • Optimized number of doses from existing supply
  • Increased market preference resulting in a potential price premium over vials
Filling stage of manufacturing process for prefilled syringes


  • Rotary piston
  • Peristaltic
Prefilled syringes in production with gloved hand resting on syringes


  • Sizes from 0.5 mL to 20 mL
  • Plastic or glass syringes that are sterile and ready-to fill in a nested tub configuration, double-bagged
  • Option to choose from a variety of secondary packaging options and product enhancements including plunger rod, finger flange, product insert, carton, and blister
  • Option to design custom label