Diluents for Reconstitution

Worker performing a step in the manufacturing process for diluents in prefilled syringes

Prefilled syringes offer both customer and patient benefits. When compared to vials, they can enhance and improve patient safety:

  • Less steps for reconstitution
  • Reduced contamination risk
  • Reduced risk of errors
Prefilled syringes

The same benefits (and more) apply to our diluent prefilled syringe product offering. By leveraging our established Drug Master Files (DMF)*, you can reduce your time and cost to market (streamlining development work and eliminating capital equipment costs) in just 5 steps:

  1. Select the diluent required for reconstitution
    - Sterile Water for Injection (SWFI) - 5 years of expiry dating
    - Sodium Chloride (NaCl) - 5 years of expiry dating
  2. Select a BD HYPAK Syringe size (1.00 - 3.00 mL)
  3. Select the desired fill volume (0.25 - 3.00 mL)
  4. Select inspection and packaging requirements (including option to design custom label)
  5. Reference BioPharma Solutions' Drug Master File (DMF)*

*DMFs reviewed by FDA in conjunction with biologic/drug applications