Gregory Sacha, Ph.D.

Associate Director, R&D, Bloomington, Indiana, USA

greg sacha headshot

Dr. Sacha leads the research and development team at BPS in Bloomington, IN, and has been a member of the team for over 17 years.  Dr. Sacha has over 23 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry with expertise in injectable drug product development.  Greg leads analytical method development, formulation development, and process development for large and small molecules.  He and his team are especially well-versed in lyophilization process development where they follow a design space approach to primary drying cycle development.  Greg and his team support manufacturing operations through their expertise in lyophilization and also through isolation and identification of particles.  Greg directs a short course titled Sterile Products: Formulation, Manufacture and Quality Assurance and developed a lyophilization workshop.  He and his team are active members of LyoHub where they lead they development of best practice papers on lyophilization operations.