Campus Visitor Information

Once you arrive at our facility, please report to reception at the main gate to receive your visitor badge. Your BioPharma Solutions representa­tive will be at our visitor center to meet you. All visitors will receive an infor­mation sheet with safety instructions.

If you have further questions regarding safe­ty, please ask your BioPharma Solutions representative.

Exterior of Baxter visitor center in Halle


To make you comfortable during your stay, we offer:

  • On-­site, private customer office
  • Storage of your baggage in our visitor area at the main gate or in a conference room
  • High-­speed internet access and landline phone
  • Complimentary beverages
  • On-­site cafeteria
  • Medical assistance on-­site
Conference room in the Baxter visitor center in Halle


To maximize your experience, while also ensuring your safety, a BioPharma Solutions employee will escort you at all times.

We ask that you wear a visitor badge where it is clearly visible. We also ask that you refrain from copying, faxing or removing documents from the cam­pus buildings without seeking permis­sion, refrain from entering offices other than your designated customer office, and stay in your designated office or meet­ing room. If you need to leave, please inform your BioPharma Solutions escort. Unfortunately, taking photographs is not permitted on campus unless you have gained permission to do so.

Smoking is permitted only in designated areas.