Local Transportation

If you choose to take the train from the air­port and need to get from your hotel to the facility, it is most convenient to take a taxi. You can order a taxi by phone, request a taxi at the front desk of your hotel, or just hail a taxi on the street. Available taxis have a light­ed taxi sign on the roof.

Alternatively, you can also use the regional train from Bielefeld main station to Halle/ Künsebeck station.

lit up taxi sign


Contact: For taxi services in Bielefeld, you can reach out to the following options:

  • BIETA Bielefeld Taxi: Phone: +49 521 97111

  • Teuto-Taxi e.K.: Phone: +49-160-97282161 or +49 521 2084956. Email: [email protected]

You can also contact us to make detailed arrangements for you.

Payment: Paying cash is most common and preferred. However, some taxis may accept credit cards (if accepted, VISA card is preferred; American Express is not generally accepted). The service charge is included in the fare. Tipping is not standard although it is appre­ciated (5-10%). Generally, tipping should reflect the service you experienced.

Prefer a driver that speaks English? We suggest contacting Mathew Kulamadayil

Phone: +49 157 59133609 or +49 173 5151178

Email: [email protected]

People walking along train platform


Departure: The train called “Haller Willem” departs at the main station in Bielefeld every 30 minutes towards Osnabrück or Halle/Westfalen and vice versa. Please exit the train at the Künsebeck sta­tion and keep left toward the Kreisstraße. There turn left and follow the Kreisstraße until you reach the Kantstraße on the right side. The Baxter sign will welcome you. 

Payment: It is most common to pay cash inside the train at the ticket machine (navigation menu in German only).